Mobile patrol dog in Brisbane

Regular Mobile patrols are a proven deterrent to crime across Brisbane's Northern Suburbs

Available 7 days a week, 365 days a year

A mobile patrol service is a highly visible vehicle, distinctive in appearance, which makes rounds on commercial properties after business hours, or on private property not open to the public, but does not remain on-site. This type of patrol is less expensive than a dedicated on-site security guard because of the limited time spent on the property.

The purpose of this type of patrol is to observe and physically check all accessible gates, doors, windows, exterior and interior and make sure they are secured, and to report the conditions found on the property to the business owner or the police.

Mobile patrols also ensure that no unauthorised persons are trespassing on private property and to attend alarm responses with the primary goal being to deter property loss, and discover vandalism after business hours. This presence is normally supported by signage that states the property will be patrolled by Allied Patrol Security. Call our Brisbane-based guards today.

Safe and secure

In the event something does occur while on patrol that requires a more detailed account, APS will provide an incident report to the business owner. We will email or fax the report the next business day or leave it at a designated area at the business premises.

In the event of damage or a break in, the officer will report details to the police attending, repairs undertaken to secure your premises, key holders who were advised and the time your property was deemed to be secure with the alarm reset.

Finding a quality mobile patrol service can be a challenge and a smaller security company can prove to be more reliable as a good reputation is important to the company’s survival. With larger companies a poor mobile patrol service can survive longer and get away with substandard service as there is so much work, lost accounts have little or no immediate impact on their ability to stay in the marketplace.