Small business security tips to keep you safe and secure in Brisbane

Statistics reveal

  • 64% of small businesses have been a victim of crime more than once.
  • Night time is perceived as the biggest security risk window
  • 42% of business owners see a rise in crime on long weekends & public holidays

While it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of crime, business owners can minimise risks by implementing a security plan including a security site audit of your business, physical security & technology. Our Brisbane-based team of patrol officers are committed to ensuring the safety of your most valuable possessions.

Whether it’s a short term, one-off event or a long term intensive protection plan, we can take care of it. Call us to talk about your individual requirements, or for more information on small business security options.

Tips for business security

  • Ensure all internal and external doors, emergency exits and windows are sufficiently solid and secured.
  • Lock all doors when the office is unattended.
  • Remove all keys from doors, and store in a lockable cabinet.
  • Keep a ‘key register’ to record who has access to keys.
  • Retrieve keys and access cards from ex-employees.
  • Ensure the lock-up procedure of the premises is under the control of a trained staff member.
  • Install security lighting
  • Keep all fences and building perimeters cleared of rubbish and potential climbing aides, such as ladders & containers.
  • Alter or eliminate areas that allow offenders to hide, such as recessed doorways, concealed yards, shrubs or planted areas.
  • Secure bins in or away from buildings to prevent arson, or from being used as a means of carrying away stolen goods.
  • Ensure that your car park is well lit, with safe access to and from your business. 
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